The Irish Celtic Lyre Harp, sometimes mistakenly called an “Irish Harp,” is a modern instrument inspired by both ancient Celtic lyres and traditional harps. It combines elements of both instruments, offering a unique sound and playing experience. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Typically made of wood with a hollow sound chamber and a curved arm extending from the top.
The number of strings varies depending on the model, ranging from 6 to 18, usually made of nylon or steel.
Tuning methods differ with desired sound and playing style, with common options like diatonic, pentatonic, and chromatic.
Played by plucking the strings with fingers or a pick, either seated or standing.
Compared to a traditional Irish Harp:

Smaller size: More portable and beginner-friendly.
Simpler design: Fewer strings and easier fingering system.
Brighter, clearer sound: Often described as sweeter than a traditional harp’s deeper tone.
Less versatile: Not as suitable for complex classical pieces.

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