Our piper plaid is long piece of tartan or checked fabric. Piper Plaid is a part of highland dress and usually match with tartan Kilts. Mostly only seen on the members of pipe bands which elect to wear full dress uniform.

The piper plaid wrapped around the chest and under right arm, pulled firm to the body. The plaid is twisted on the left shoulder with one loose end falling behind the wearer’s back and getting tucked into the waist belt. The leading edge of the other loose end is pulled forward and draped over the wearer’s left shoulder.

Brief History:

The plaid firstly seen on the highland military dress in the British army which is establishment of six independent companies raised in 1725. In 18th century the plaid is use for practical purpose to form overcoat and blanket. It also provide protection from rain for soldier’s. In 1914, normally worn only by officers, sergeants and pipers.

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