The Strings Lyre Harp, additionally from time to time known as a wire harp or Apollo harp, is a cutting-edge instrument stimulated by way of historical lyres and harps. It combines factors of both gadgets, supplying a unique sound and playing experience.

Here are some key characteristics of the Strings Lyre Harp:

Body: Typically made of wood, with a hollow sound chamber and a curved arm extending from the top.
Strings: Usually made of nylon or steel, and range in number from 6 to 18. They are strung across the arm and attached to the sound chamber.
Tuning: Can be tuned in various ways, depending on the desired sound and playing style. Some common tunings include diatonic, pentatonic, and chromatic.
Playing: The strings are plucked with the fingers or a pick, and the instrument can be played sitting or standing.

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